Gary Walker

Founder and Digital Product Director

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9:00 AM Why Amazon is leading, and you are not!

With consumers especially, millennials going for speed and convenience over brand; how are you differentiating yourself to remain competitive. What is it that makes a company go from a bookseller to an ever-disruptive e-commerce brand? 

11:30 AM Panel discussion: What are the moments in a customer lifecycle that matter the most?

It is widely accepted that personalisation is a necessity to retain and win new customers; remain relevant to your customer and remain ahead of the competition. This discussion explores personalisation methods and their ROI including: What is the key to engaging your customer with content and responding in real time? What is the future of interactive content? What is the role of proactive alerts? How can you create predictive, personalised mobile experiences at scale? How can you match the message to the moment, before customers go hunting for answers?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Gary.

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